Assess my life

It is good to assess my life on a regular basis by writing my thoughts in a pen and paper journal.

November 2012

I have decided that I lack certain skills and experience, and that to further my development, I will need to acquire these skills for success in the marketplace:

  1. Time Estimation and Scheduling via practicing estimating and sticking to schedules for getting to places or finishing projects ahead of time (being ahead of schedule means more options and negotiating power, such as when you need to get to the airport)
  2. Business Strategy and Negotiation via working as a consultant, witnessing the operations of a successful business and/or running my business on the side
  3. Teamwork and Leadership via engaging regularly in team sports like soccer and basketball rather than just individual exercise like muay thai or jiujitsu (it is a bad idea to work alone)
  4. Friendship and Relationship Building via spending more time with people I like and increasing dating experience so that I will know how I like to be treated and how to treat others in ways that they like

All of these are skills that are built gradually, which means I should find ways to work on them a little each day.