Enrich your life

If something is wrong, you can do something about it. The continual opportunity to redeem yourself is the gift of life. [1]

Give a compliment

Compliment someone you love, someone at work or a stranger on the subway. List qualities that you love, admire, respect about yourself or others.


Designate one day a week as a no-computer day to dedicate to spending time with family and friends. You’ll rediscover hobbies and interests. Consider no-computer nights as well. Sleep. Get an energizing mid-day nap.


Eat before you get hungry. If you eat good quality food, you will produce good quality work. Eat with people if you can. Eating together brings team spirit and goodwill.


Make a rule not to show anyone the contents of your journal. Then write, write, write! Draw pictures and diagrams; make lists and tables. Enjoy the feeling on pen on paper. Write when you are confused, sad, happy, disoriented, overwhelmed, annoyed, apathetic, excited. Make sense of vague emotions and put things in perspective. Sometimes it helps to use a question and answer format to make sure you resolve specific issues and other times it is good to ramble and explore on paper different facets of your life.


Exercise regularly to think clearly. Exercise socially. Look for group classes.


Teach others what you have learned.


Experience cultures firsthand. Learn new languages.

Meet new people

Change your routine and explore new locations and schedules. Do something social during the week in new and different social circles.

Negotiate to meet your needs

Anticipate how you will react to what the other person might say or do. Thinking through your reaction strategy in advance helps you make decisions more quickly in the moment.

[1]Credit to Jose Saramago from the Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis