Monkey pipe cross

Jump and hang from a scaffolding pipe, pull the body hand over hand on the pipe to get to the other side, turn around while hanging and repeat. This exercise will strengthen your forearms and core.

Tuck planche chair pushup

Stand between two chairs, place palms on seats, tuck your legs under your chest, tilt body until chest is parallel to ground, raise and lower body pushup style. This exercise will strengthen your chest and triceps.

Jumping squat

Start in squat position with both feet flat on the ground. Jump and land in squat position again.

Jumping lunge

Start in lunge position with one knee close to the ground. Jump and land in lunge position again.

Back-to-back piggyback [1]

Turn your backs to each other and lock elbows. Lift the other person off the ground and squat. Take turns.

Robots [2]

Start in pushup position on both hands, lower yourself onto your left forearm, lower yourself on both forearms, raise yourself on your left hand, then raise yourself on your right hand to return to pushup position. This exercise will strengthen your core.

[1]Thanks to my father and mother.
[2]Thanks to Brandon Levi and his Muay Thai class, formerly at FightHouse and now at Evolution Muay Thai.