Communicate with people in other languages

Chvi Ashanti is spoken in Kumasi and Accra of Ghana

thank you = meh-da'-si
yes = ahng'-ni (ahng is nasal)
no = deh'-bi
water = in-soo'
good morning = mah-tji'
good morning to you too = yeh-nwah' (direct object is brother)
good morning to you too = yeh-jah' (direct object is father)
good morning to you too = yeh-nah' (direct object is mother)
good afternoon = mah-ha'
good evening = mah-joh'
how is your health? = ah hoot'-ih saih
how is your health? = eh-ti-saih'
I'm healthy = meh-hoo'-yeh
I'm healthy and how about you? = meh-hoo'-yeh nah-oon-shweh'
I'm doing pretty well too = meh-soo meh-hoo'-yeh pbaah
shared minivan = tjoh-tjoh
town center = medina
what is that? = eh-dee-ah'-nee?
how much is it? = neh bwuoh'-ye saih (nasal saih rhymes with french bain)
that's too expensive = neh-bwuoh-dtin'
cheaper please = t-soh' meh-pah-choh'
I like it = meh-peh
I want this one = meh-peh-weh'
I want to see this one = me-peh-seh' meh-sheh' ouay
I want to eat = me-peh-seh' eh-di-dieh'
I want to save money = meh si-yeh' si-kah'
you want to save money = woo si-yeh' si-kah'
money = si-kah'
to see = sheh'
cheap = foo-wah'
where is kingdom books? = kingdom books eh wah'-hin
where is kingdom books? = meh sheh shweh' kingdom books
welcome = ak-waah'-ba
bread = pah'-no
bread = bru-du'
egg = oon-kkoo-soo-yah'
man = o-beh-reh'-mam
men = ihng-meh-reh'-mam (ingh is nasal)
woman = o-bah'
women = ihng-ma'
child = ah-kwah-lah'
children = ihng-kwah-lah'
my wife = meh yeh-rre'
understood = mah-teh'
zero = ffh'-wee (ffh pronounced with windy breath)
one = ba-ah-kku'
two = meh-nu'
three = meh-eh-sah'
four = eh-nayh'
five = eh-noohm'
six = eh-siah' (siah is nasal)
seven = eh-sohng' (sohng is nasal)
eight = eh-wah'-tchi
nine = eh-koh-nom'
ten = eh-dtu'
twenty = eh-dtu'-eh-nu'
thirty = eh-dtu'-eh-sah'
fifty peshawas = peshawa edu-eh-num'
one hundred = wah-hah'
one hundred ten = wah-hah' en eh-dtoo'
music = eh-noohm'
good music = eh-noohm' ah-yeh'
food = eh-dwah'-nee
I'm looking for food = meh-sheh-sweh ed-dwa-nee'
sleep well = day-yih'
I'm going now = nan-ti-yeh'
I like palava = palava eh-yeh'-meh-deh
what food do you want? = opuh eh-dwa-nee' ped
I'm hungry = oh-como-di-meh'
I'm very hungry = oh-como-di-meh'-pbaah'
I'm thirsty = meh-noo-in-soo'
ginger = ah-keh'-keh
ginger = ah-kkah-kkah'-droo
to drink = eh-nu'
to take = mah-nu'
please = meh-pah-choh'
man give me water to drink = oh-bah-mah' in-soo' eh-nu'
man give me break to take = oh-bah-mah' bru-du' mah-nu'
man please give me bread = oh-bah-mah' meh toh' bru-du'
woman please give me water = ob-ah' meh-pah-choh' in-soo' eh-nu'
give me a cheese omelet please = mah'-me cheese omelet meh-pah-choh'
rice = ah-nu'
rice and beans = wah'-tchi
soup = ahn-kwahyn'
ground nut soup = gah-noot' ahn-kwahyn'
palm nut soup = ah-beh' ahn-kwahyn'
good = ah-yeh'
spicy = eh-yah'
sweet = eh-deh'
red = koh-koh'
big = kah-sey'-yeh
capital of the Eastern region = Koh-foh-rou'-doo-ah
wait for me = ohn-tjohm'
we are waiting for you = hiyah-tjya-woh'
I finished eating = me ou-weh' eh-di-dieh'
you finished eating = woo weh' eh-di-dieh'
I finished working = me ou-weh' eh-joo-mah'
tomorrow = wah-chi'-nah
born on monday (male) = joh-wah'
born on monday (female) = joh
born on thursday (male) = yah'-oh
born on thursday (female) = yaa
born on friday (male) = koh'-fee
I'm tired = mah-brret'
nobody is here = oh-bee-ah' nee-hah'
you are here = ooh-nee'
to swim = djwah'-ree
I am going to swim = mee-kwoh-djwah'-ree
market = eh-joom'
it's hot = eh-wee'-ah eh-moh-shh'
hot weather = shh-i'
the sun is shining a lot = eh-wee'-ah boh pah-pah'-pah
tree = eh-dwjee-ah'
rain = oo'-su
God owns me = jih'-nyah-meh
what's your name? = yeh-froh'-weh-seih
my name is XXX = yeh-freh'-mee XXX
what's your name? = woo-deen'-di-seih
my name is XXX = meh-deen'-di XXX
you = woh (singular subject)
you = weh (singular direct object)
you = moh (plural subject)
I = meh (subject)
me = mee (direct object)
we = yeh (subject)
smart = neh-hoo'-yeh-hah
I am going = meh ah kwoh'
let us go together = yeh ah kwoh' ah bom
let's go = yehn'-kwoh
cow = nen-chwee'
cow meat = nen-chwee'-nam
chicken = eh-dwah'
bird = ah-no-mah'
father = eh-jah'
dangerous = eh-yoo-hn'
come = brr-ah'
don't worry = no sheh-keh'
I see = meh-hoo'

Chvi Enfanti is spoken in Ghana

understood = mah-tseh'
eight = ah-wotchi'
nine = ah-kom'

Gah is spoken in Accra of Ghana

thank you = oy'-wah dohn
thank you = meh-sah'-ka
water = nieu'
man = o-beh-ma
how are you = toh-oh-ya-tehh'

Ewe is spoken in Southeast Ghana and Togo

thank you = ahk-beh' (Ghana)
thank you = ahk-bwuey' (Togo)

Moorit is spoken in Burkina Faso

thank you = au-roh-wah'

Yoruba is spoken in Nigeria

welcome to you = eh-kah'-boh
thank you = eh-shih'
you = eh
fish = ah'-pah-tah

Hau-sah’ is spoken in Nigeria

thank you = nah'-goh-dey

Pidgin is spoken in West Africa

a skilled athlete who just scored a goal = dem warrior mahn
expensive = dyah

Amharic is spoken in Ethiopia

thank you = ah-mah-say' geh-nah'-loo
please (to male) = eh-bahk'-eh
please (to female) = eh-bahk'-esh
I do not want = al-fehl'-leh-gehm
I want = ah-feh'-leh-gah-loo
I want qehy-woht please = eh-bahk'-esh qehy-woht' ah-feh'-leh-gah-loo
water = woo'-hah
I = eh-neh'
you = eh-swoh'
what is that = mehn'-tehn-no
that is expensive = wud'-duh-nuh


thank you = bah'-see-mah
one = hah
two = dtreh
three = lah
four = arr'-ba-ah
five = hahm'-sha


thank you = shoo'-krrahn
grateful = rrahk'-mahd
lamb = hhah'-rroof (guttural h)
chicken = djahj
two = ith-nehn'
a little = shwai'-yah
I do not know = lah ah'-rif
fork = shao'-gkah
sweet = heh'-loo
delicious = lleh-dtheedth'
I do not understand = mah-fhemst'
electricity = kah'-hhah-rrah-bah
I want (something) = oo-ree'-doo
beef = lahkh'-mah
I want beef and rice please = oo-ree'-doo lahkh'-mah wah ah'-roz meen fuhd'-luhk
don't hate something that went wrong because it might be good in the long run = lah tah-krah-hoo' shah'-ee ehn lah ah'-lah-hoo hah'-ee-ra lah khoom

Moroccan Arabic

lamb = hhow'-li (guttural h)
two = zjooj
fork = four-chette'
how much is that = bshaael heh'-tha

Kabyl is spoken in Algeria

thank you = theh'-neh-miert
hi = ah-zul'


children = yeh-lah-dim'
cool = si-bah'-bah
year = shah'-nah
good = toh-vah'
happy new year = shah'-nah toh-vah'
good children = yeh-lah-dim' toh-vah'
thank you = yah'-sheh koh'-achh
thank you = toh-dah'
what's happening = mah neesh'-mah
excellent = met-soo-yahn'

Persian is spoken in Iran

what is this? = een'-chee-eh?
what is that? = oon'-chee-eh?

Dari is spoken in Afghanistan

thank you = teh-sheh-koor'
what is that? = ohn' chee ahst?


thank you = teh-sheh-koor'
cool = ey-vah'-lah-h
good = ee'-ah
good = goo-zeh'
good morning = goo-nayh'-dah
good (as positive reinforcement) = ah'-feh-reen
where is it = boo neh'-reh-deh
what is it = boo neh'-keh-deh
stick = choo-book'
hundred = yooz
what's news = nah'-behr
what is that? = bu'-neh?
water = soo
I like this = boo noo sehv'-dim
I like water = soo yoo sehv'-dim
I want water = soo eesti yorum
cookie = koo-rah'-bee-yeh
even snakes won't bother people when they are drinking water = su ee-cheh-neh' yee-lahn' bee-leh' doh-kooh-nah-mahz'
luck = kee'-smaht
destiny = kch-dahr'


thank you = kuh'-suh-num
what is this? = mi ez
what is that? = mi oz


thank you = mer-see'
hi = sah-lohm'
new = noh
day = rooz
new day = noh rooz (special festival to mark beginning of spring)
rainy = bah-rah'-nee
rainy day = rooz buh-rah'-nee


thank you = alf-hah-ris-toh'
please = pah'-rah cah-lah'-oh
how are you = tee-kah'-nis


thank you = shoo'-krree-ah
water = bpah'-nee
meat = mah'-s
among calves handicapped cow is king = andho mein kana raja


thank you = ddohn'-oh-bahd


that = yeh
what = kyah
is = heh
what is that = yeh-kyah'-heh


thank you = dahn'-deh-bah
what is this? = yoh-keh'-ho?
what is that? = tyoh-keh'-ho?
what is your name? = dtah pah'-ee-koh nahm key'-ho?
my name is ___ = mee'-roo nahm ___ ho
new = sahr
year = loh

Sinhala is spoken in Sri Lanka

thank you = stoo'-ti


where is it? = yoo-tih'-nai?

Burmese is spoken in Myanmar

thank you = tjeh'-zoo
thank you = tjeh'-zoo din-bah'-deh


thank you = teh-ree'-mah kah'-see
welcome = sah-lah-mah dah-tahng'


thank you = teh-ree'-mah kah'-see
you're welcome = ssah'-mah ssah'-mah
where is ___? = dtih mah'-nah ___?
where is the bathroom? = dtih mah'-nah cah-marr' mahn-dee'?
what is this? = ee-nee' ah'-pah?
how much is the price? = brrah'-pah harr'-gah?

good morning = seh-lah'-mah pah'-gee
good afternoon = seh-lah'-mah ssee-ahng'
good night = seh-lah-mah'-mah mah-lahm'
how are you? = ah-pah' kah-barr'
fine = bah'-eek

yes = yah
no = tee'-dahk
please = dtoh'-llong
sorry = mah-afh'

what will you eat? = ahn'-tah mah-hoo' mah'-kahn ah'-pah?
eat what? = mah'-kan ah'-pah?
I'm full = sah-yah' gkuh-yahng'
I will go to the bathroom = sah-yah' mah-hoo' kkh cah-marr' mahn-dee'
I will take my money = sah-yah' mah-hoo' ahm-bee'-ll wahng sah-yah'
I like ___ = sah'-yah soo-kah' ___
I apologize = sah'-yah meen-dtah' mah-afh'
what is your name? = see ah'-pah nah-mah' cah-moo'
my name is Siska = nah-mah-koo' ah'-deh-leh Siska
how old are you? = brrah'-pah oh-moor' ahn'-tah

why? = men-gah'-pah
I do not know = sah-yah' tee-dahk' tah-woo'

what = ah'-pah
this = ee-nee'
and = dteh
to = kkh

good = eh-nah'
healthy = muh-nyeh-haht'-khan
lots = bahn'-yahk
little = ss'-dee-keet
sick = sah-geet'
small = kuh-chee'-ll (tongue sticks behind front teeth)
cold = ding-yin'
hot = pah'-nahs
fast = jah-paht'
long = pahng'-jahng
mixed = jjahm-pboh' / gah'-doh gah'-doh
plain = pee-ah'-sah
fried = go-rehng'
spicy = peh'-dahs
sweet = mah-nees'
closed = dtoo-dtoo
open = boo-gah'
ready = ssee'-ahp
same = sah'-mah
used = seh-gkoohn'
forbidden = dee-lah-rrahng'
hungry = lah'-parr
happy = seh-nahng'
safe = ah'-mahn
south = seh-lah-tahn'
north = oo-tah-rrah'
far = jah-oh'
handsome (masculine) = gahnn-dtahng'
beautiful (feminine) = jtan-tik'
expensive = mah-hahl'
rich = cah-yah'
strong = pboh'-haht

I = sah-yah' / ah-koo'
you = cah'-moo
you (formal) = ahn'-tah
he / she = dee-ah'

eat = mah'-kahn
sleep = tee-durr'
walk = jah'-lahn jah'-lahn
go = perr-gee'
go ahead = teh-roos'
take = ahm-bee'-ll
want = ing-ing'
be = ah'-deh-leh
read = leh'-gerr
see = meh-lee-hadd'
I see = ah-koo lee-hadd'
make = mam-bang-oon'
pay = oon-dhk'

age = oh-moor'
name = nah-mah'
my name = nah-mah' sah-yah'
price = harr'-gah
money = wahng
smell = bah'-woo
rain = hoo'-jjuhn
rainwater = ahy'-rr hoo'-jjuhn
bag = dtahs
book = boo'-gkoo

entrance = mah-ssook'
exit = keh-loo-arr'
bus = bis
bus station = terr-mee-nahll' bis
bike cart = beh-chah'
train station = stah-cion crehy'-tah ah'-pee
car = moh-beell'
fast car = moh-beell' jah-paht'
used car = moh-beell' seh-gkoohn'
airplane = pah-sah-waht' terr-pahn'
traffic = mah'-tzer
road = jah'-lahn
country road = jah'-lahn gkahm'-poong
long road = jah'-lahn pahng'-jahng
uphill road = jah'-lahn na'-ee
gasoline = behn'-zeen
electricity = lees-tdreek'

man = lah'-kee lah'-kee
woman = peh-rrehm' boh-ahn'
child = ah-nak'
children = ah-nak' ah-nak'
many children = ah-nak' ah-nak' bahn-yak'
father = ah-yah' / bah'-bahk
mother = eh-boo'
wife = ee-stree'
older sibling = kah-kah'
older brother = kah-kah' lah'-kee lah'-kee
younger sibling = ah-tik'
younger sister = ah-tik' peh-rrehm' boh-ahn'
person = oh-rrahng'
foreigner = oh-rrahng' ah-sih'
rich person = oh-rrahng' cah-yah'
mister = pah
mister ahsahdi = pah ahsahdi
teacher = kkoo-rroo'
army = tahn-dah'-rrah
king = rah'-jah
business = boo-her-jah'
make money = jah'-ree wahng

school = skoh'-lah
elementary school = skoh'-lah deh-serr'
hospital = roo-mah' sah-geet'
house = roo-mah'
temple = chahn'-dih
market = pah'-sahrr
eatery = wah-rrohng'
street eatery = wah-rrohng' ping-girr' jah-lahn'
restaurant = roo'-mah mah'-kahn
pharmacy / apothecary = ah-poh-tek'
room = cah-marr'
bathroom = cah-marr' mahn-dee'
shop = ddohk'-gkoh
factory = fah-breek'
car repair shop = kah-roh-seh-ree'

countryside = gkahm'-poong
dog = ahn-jeeng'
cat = kkoo-ching'
mountain = gh'-ng
big mountain = gh'-ng beh-sarr'
tree = bpoh-huhn'
wood = gkah-yoo'
smoke = ah-ssahp'
flowers = pboong-ah'
mosquitos = nyah-mook'
sugar cane = dtah-pboo'
rice patty = boh-huhn' nah-see'
earthquake = km'-pbah
city = gkoh'-tdoh

water = ahy'-rr
ice = ehss
egg = teh'-loo-rr
meatball = bpahk-ssoh'
vegetables = sah-yoo-rrah'
orange = jeh'-rrak
bitter melon = beh'-lee
chicken = ah-yahm'
fried chicken = ah-yahm' go-rehng'
boiled chicken = ah-yahm' sahn-tahn'
chicken soup = soh'-toh ah-yahm'
crispy treat = kkrroo-pook'
fried soybean crunch = tehm'-peh goh-reng'
rice = nah-see'
tofu = tah'-hoo
coconut = keh-lah'-pah
refined sugar = goo'-lah
cow = sah-pee' / dah-geeng'
fish = eegk-khan'
(type of fish) = leh'-leh
duck = beh-behk'
frog = goh-doh' / kah'-tah

zero = koh-sohng'
one = sah-dtoh'
two = doo'-wah
three = dtih-gkah'
four = um-paht'
five = lee'-mah
six = uh-nahm'
seven = dtoo-joo'
eight = dhlah-pahn'
nine = ssahm-bi-lahn'
ten = ssahm-boo-loo'
eleven = ssah buh-lehss'
fifteen = lee'-mah buh-lehss'
twenty = doo-wah' boo-loo'
twenty five = doo-wah' boo-loo' lee'-mah
one hundred = ssah rrah-toos'
five hundred = lee-mah' rrah-toos'
one thousand = sah rree-boo'
one thousand five hundred = sah rree-boo' lee-mah' rah-toos'
five thousand = lee-mah' rree-boo'
ten thousand = sah boo-loo' rree-boo'
one million = sah jjoo'-dah
five million = lee-mah' joo'-dah
twenty seven thousand = doo'-wah boo-loo' dtoo-joo' rree-boo'
approximately = kee'-rah kee'-rah
time = jjahm-jjahm
eight o'clock = jjahm dhlah-pahn'
eight hours = dhlah-pahn' jjahm
yesterday = kah-mah'-reen
today = ss-kah-rrahng'
tomorrow = beh'-ssoh
ten hours left = seh boo-loo' jjam lah'-kee
day = ssee-ahng'
month = booh-lahn'
year = tah-hoon'
not yet = bah-loon'
two times three = doo'-wah kah-rree' dtih-gkah'

(name of a volcano) = mahrr-ah'-pee
(name of a mountain) = mahrr-bah'-boo
(name of a city) = sah-lah-tee'-gh
(name of a city) = mah-glahn'
(name of a film) = laskar pelangi
(name of islands) = karimunjawa

Tagalog is spoken in the Philippines

thank you = seh-lah'-maht
hi = co'mo esta'
good morning = mah-gahn'-dang oo-mah'-gah-po

Mandarin is spoken in China and Taiwan

thank you = sheh-sheh'
you're welcome = boo'-kuh-shi
yes = ssheh
yeah = dtuay
no = mai
a little = ih-dien'-dien
tzeh = it
what = sheh-moh'
what is this? = tzeh'-sseh-sheh-moh'?
it is good = hao'-tzeh
it is good? = hao'-tzeh-mah
hello (you good?) = ni'-hao
hi = wei
good = hao
money = shien
how much money? = ddwoh'-sha-shien (ddwoh slides up, sha is low and shien is baseline)
where = shi
where's the bathroom? = shi-ssow-chen?
come = lah-ih'
don't come = mai-lah-ih'
me = wwo
we = wwo'-men
you = ni
you (plural) = ni'-men
he / she / it = dtah
they = dtah'-men
guava = pah-lah'
kiwi = chih'-guoh
green bean cake = lleu'-dtoh-kaow
rice cake = loh-poh'-kaow
egg = tahn'
egg cake = tahn'-kaow
egg pancake = tahn'-bping
crab = shi'
fish = uh-ah~ (tone rises sharply on ah)
fish market = uh-ah'-ggahng
oyster omelet = uh-ah'-tsehn
pig kidney soup = yao'-tzeh-tang
first sour then sweet = shien koo~ ho kgan (tone rises sharply on koo)

Taiwanese is spoken in Taiwan

hello = ni'-huh
thank you = ddwoh-shyah'

Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong

thank you = dtoh'-jeh (dtoh pitch dips up, jeh pitch dips down)


wolf = nuhk'-ddae
fox = yuh'-oo
he hasn't even thought of giving you rice cake but you are drinking the kimchi broth already = dduk jool sah'-rahm-un ssaeng'-gahk-do ahn'-uhn-deh geem'-chee-gook boo'-tuh mah'-sheen-dah = 떡 줄 사람은 생각도 않는데 김칫국부터 마신다


thank you = ah-rree-gah'-toh
yes = hai
no = ee'-yeh
good = oy'-shee
finished = oh-kai'-kehy

where is ___? = ___ doh'-goh deh-skah'?
how much? = ee-gkoo-rrah' deh-skah'?
when? = ee'-tsh deh-skah'?
what is it? = ssoh-rreh' wah nah'-ni deh-skah'?

zero = zero
one = ee'-jee
two = nee'
three = ssahn
four = yong
five = goh
six = loh-kh'
seven = nah'-nah
eight = hah'-zjih
nine = queue
ten = zjoo
fifty = goh'-zjoo
eighty = hah-zjih'-zjoo
one hundred = hyah-kh'
six hundred = loh-pyah'-kh
eight hundred = hah-pyah'-kh
one thousand = ssehn
three thousand = ssahn ssehn

what = nah'-ni
it = soh-reh'

child = goh-doh-moh'
children = goh-doh-moh' dtah'-chee
person = hee-tdoh'-ree
train = dayn'-shah

beer = choo nah'-mah
chicken = tdoh-ree'
beef = gyoo
rice = meh'-shi
egg = tah'-mah-goh
cold water = mee-zh'
(type of fish) = ah'-jee
(type of fish) = sah'-bah

eat = tah-beh'-roo

Portuguese is spoken in Brazil

hey = oy
everything good? = too'-doo boh?
what's that = keh ee'-soo
cool = mah'-sah
cool = leh-gahl'

Q’anjob’al is spoken near Huehuetenango in Guatemala

thank you = yooq-wahl-dios'
what is this? = seh-tahl-hoon-tih'?
what is that? = seh-tahl-hoon-tooh'?
how much is it? = hhahn'-tahh toh'-hhol?
water = ah-eh'
boy = nahh-oo-nin'
girl = ish-oo-nin'
knock knock = choo!
how are you? = tse'-tshi oowatch mi-ah-cul?
I'm well = watch gkhal (guttural gkh moving adam's apple)
bye = hi-lah'
baby chick = kahsh-lan'
man = wee-nahk'
woman = ish
bowl = sehkk
food = ee-tahh' (breathy hh)
popcorn = ee-yehn'
I'm full = mi noh' in cul'
eat = loh wee'
one = hoon
two = kkapp
three = oh shepp
four = kah-nep
five = oh-yehp'

Kaqchikel is spoken near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

thank you = mah-tiosh'
hi = pah'-na
bye = pah'-na
see you tomorrow = chwah-chik'

Mam is spoken near Quetzaltenango and Todos Santos in Guatemala

tortilla = gwahp
see you soon = mh-tchih'-ah
who knows? = tih-lah-tey'
thank you = chohn-tah-tey'
rich flavor = tchi'-al
chicken = ayt
rooster = gkoh

Tz’utujil is spoken near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

hi = oot-sah-watch'

Guatemalan slang

oh shit = puchicas
hell yeah = puchicas que sí
hell yeah = cucarachas que sí
hell yeah = abuelitas que sí
what's happening? = qué putas
what's happening? = qué onda
how cute! = qué chulo!
have skills = tener pilas
have skills in salsa = tener pilas en salsa

Nicaraguan slang

no problem = no hay falla (fah'-yah)
you have no imagination = tener un cerebro de pollo
you are forgetful = tener una cabeza de pollo
go to the devil and don't come back = ve te al diablo y no vuelvas más
or else = o algo te vas a pasar
elbow = un codo
be stingy = ser codo
breasts = pechugas
large breasts = pechugonas
skinny legs = las piernas de pollo
shapely body = un cuerpo de guitarra
to be tired like a zombie = estar desvelado
rotten apple = una manzana podrida
what's up = qué pasa calabaza?
nothing much = nada nada limonada
lying man whore = pudo tapudo
dummy = un dundo
idiot = un baboso
toilet paper = quitta caca

Mexican slang

wow = oh'-rah-leh
damn = ee'-hoh-leh
no problem = no hay pedo
no problem = no hay falla
drink until dawn = hasta la madre
what (respectfully) = man-deh'
excuse me = con permiso
cool = chido
gluttonous = cuzco
mature = madurito
stupid = wei
to cry = chazar
to chat = platicar
to store = almacenar
to improve = superar
asshole = cabrón
badass = chingón
idiot = pendejo
ass-kisser = mamón
peasant = paisano
entrepreneur = emprendedor
feeling = sentido
octopus = pulpo
small goal = golecito
super goal = golazo
warehouse = bodega
womanizer = mujeriego
special food = guisano
special food = chicatana
special food = escamole

Latin American proverbs in Spanish

when planning, keep in mind that many events are out of your control = no porque madruges, amanece mas temprano
better to be on time than to be invited = mas vale que llegar a tiempo que ser invitado de honor
adapt to your environment = haz como fueres, haz como vieres = allá donde fueres, haz lo que vieres
better to spend enough effort and money to get a good result on the first try = el flojo y el mezquino, dos veces al camino
say good things about other people = el escupe al cielo, en la cara le caie = quien escupe para arriba, come saliva

rumors have some basis in truth = cuando el río suena, es porque agua lleva = cuando el río suena, es porque piedras trae
don't serve your own drink = nunca el burro se carga solo
leave the water alone if you can't drink it = agua que no vas a beber déjala correr
what the eyes do not see, the heart does not feel = ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente
if you love her, let her go; if she returns, she is yours; if not, she never was = si amas a alguien déjalo libre; si regresa es tuyo; si no, nunca lo fue

don't bother me when I'm eating = yo so juan orrosco, cuando como, no conozco
don't bother me when I'm working = en horas de trabajo, los amigos al carajo
he who complains that he does not have enough will lose what he has already = borrego que chilla, piedre bocado
pay attention or you will get lost = camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente
everyone has said or done embarassing things = tiene cola que le pisen

one captured bird has more immediate value than a hundred flying birds = más vale pájaro en mano que ciento volando
take care of your relationships or you will lose them = el que tiene tienda, que la atienda, sinon, que la venda
money talks = en tierra ajena, no hay más amigo ni más pariente cercano que un peso en la mano
guests are unwelcome if they abuse your hospitality = el muerto y el arrimado a los tres dias apestan
mind your own business = zapatero a tu zapato

noisy chicks get the food = quien no llora, no mama
keep your sword in its sheath = calm your anger = machete estate en tu vaina
those who wake early will succeed = al que madruga dios le ayuda
better to die fighting than live begging = es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas
tell me with whom you walk and I'll tell you who you are = dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres

if you want a good hairstyle, endure the tugging = si quiere moño bonito, aguanta jalones
do not marry or start important work on a Tuesday = en martes, ni te cases ni te embarques
even if the chimpanzee dresses in silk, it remains a chimpanzee = aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda
where there was fire, ashes remain = donde hubo fuego, cenizas quedan
something non-essential is turning out to be more expensive than what it is worth = the soup is more expensive than the meatballs = cuesta más caro el caldo que las albóndigas

he is exaggerating his stories = echarle mucha crema a sus tacos
she is easily excited by new people or things = dear new jar, where should I put you? = jarrito nuevo, ¿dónde te pondré?
the boasting fool will regret it tomorrow = alábate pato que mañana te mato
stay close to a good tree and you will get good shade = quien a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija
better to be head of a rat than tail of a lion = más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león

sometimes challenges contain opportunities = no hay mal que por bien no venga
rich get richer and the poor get poorer = cuando el pobre lava, llueve
misfortune follows misfortune = llueve sobre mojado
familiar bad is more useful than unfamiliar good = vale más lo malo conocido que lo bueno por conocer
don't worry if someone is ahead of you, you can catch up if you run well = no van lejos los de adelante si los de atrás corren bien

eye for eye, tooth for tooth = ojo por ojo, diente por diente
now is your chance to shine while you can = date brillo cadena que tu mojo llega
you want the moon, it will cost you = el que quiere celeste, que le cueste
he who is born to be a tamale will receive the corn husks from the sky = el que nace para tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas
from such a stick, such a splinter = de tal palo, tal astilla

learn to walk before you fuck = aprenda a caminar antes de coger
the wedge made from the same wood sticks the hardest = no hay cuña que mas apriete que la del mismo palo
there is no temptation that lasts a hundred years nor is there is a body that can resist such temptations = no hay mal que cien años dure, ni cuerpo que lo resista
the dead are dead but the living must live = el muerto al hoyo y el vivo al baile
what she dare not say face to face, she says in jest = lo que no dice en serio lo dice en chiste

beware ulterior motives = caras vemos, corazones no sabemos
help them because one day you might need help too = arrieros somos y en el camino nos encontramos
you are so happy = se ríe más que una caja de dientes en una vitrina


women = les meufs
women = les fums
shapely body = une gazelle
to play hooky = faire l'école buissonnière


good luck = keh teeng ees mohl' tahs sohlt


thank you = dahn'-kyeh vehll
thanks = bee-dahnkt'
how = ooh
much = vehll
is = es
that = dot
how much is that = ooh vehll es dot
children = keen-dehr-roon'


what is this? = shao'-mahl?
what is this? = shao'-mod? (dialect)


hi = mwah'-yen


thank you = mahd-loh'-bah


thank you = hwah'-lah


thank you = hwah'-lah


thank you = aye'-tah

Romanian is spoken in Romania and Moldova

thank you = moo-too-meh'-sk
good day = boo'-nah zee'-wah


thank you = djen-koo'-yah
how are you = yak-sheh-mash'
good = dohb-zhah'


thank you = ah'-choo


thank you = djeh'-koo-yoo
cool = pehk'-nee


thank you = djah-koo'-yem


thank you = rrahk-meht'


thank you = cpah-cee'-bah
good luck = oo-dah'-cheh
good = ha-ra-sho'
cool = kgroo'-dtah
cool = clah'-snah
one = oh-deen'
two = dvah
three = tdree
four = djeh-tee'-ree
five = pbeht
six = shayst
seven = seem
eight = voh'-seem
birthday = dyeeng rahj-deen'-iya
what is that? = shtoh edah dah koi?
water = vah'-dah
I want this = ya edah hach-joo'
I do not want this = ya edah nee hach-joo'
I want water = ya hach-joo' vah-dee'
You want water = ti hoht'-gis vah-dee'
I like this = ya edah blu-blu
I do not like this = ya edah nee blu-blu
You like this = ti blu-blis' vah-dee'
I eat = ya yem
I eat this = ya edah yem
spicy = oh'-sdree
we = muy
why? = poo'-choo-mon?
excellent = aht-leech'-nah
I wish you luck = ya jeh-lah-yoo' tib'-yuh ooh-dah'-chee
you are a complicated troublemaker = nyeh pah-dah'-rohk = не подарок
wow = oohk'-tee
simple = prroh'-stah = простой / проста
ducklings' dance = танец маленьких утят
persimmon = hoor'-mah

you like to sled, then you must like to pull the sled = lloo'-beesh kah-taht'-cyah, lloo'-bee ee sah'-noch-kee vah-zeet'
without work you cannot pull the fish from the pond = behz troo-dah' nyeh veal'-ah-vish ee roob'-koo eez proo-dah
bread tops all = (figurative) more importantly = hlehb see-moo' gah-lah-vah'
do not say ho, until they are hatched = nyeh gavaree goe-p, pahkah nyeh peh-rehl-preeg'-nyesh = не говори гоп, пока не перепрыгнешь
strike while the iron is hot = kwee zhe-lleh'-zah, pah-kah' gah-ryahl'-joh = куй желе́зо, пока горячо́

those who do not work will not eat = кто не работает, тот не ест
work then play = делу время, потехе час
better to have a bird in hand than a crane in the sky = лучше синица в руке, чем журавль в небе
small fish is better than big cockroach = маленькая рыбка лучше большого таракана
all is well that ends well = vsyo harasho, shto harasho kohn-chah'-yeht-sah

the more carefully you go, the more progress you will make = тише едешь, дальше будешь
when I eat, I focus on eating = when I eat, I'm deaf and dumb = когда я ем, я глух и нем
no woman no cry = when the woman leaves, the load gets lighter = баба с возу - кобыле легче
those who have money are cursed but those who have not die wankers = деньги есть - Иван Иванович, денег нет - горбатый хуй


cheesy = hah'-rreh (said very fast)
what is that? = vah ah'-rreh?
where is the bathroom? = vohrr ah'-rreh doo-wahn'?
water = vahnn
ball = bahl
hest = horse
pickup artist = bahl'-hest
uh-oh = oof'-tah


hi = hey'-dohrr
excellent = yehk'-teh-brrah


thank you = ki'-dos (first syllable has higher pitch than second syllable)
bye bye = hey'-hey (first syllable has higher pitch than second syllable)

Australian slang

have breakfast = have a brekkie
make a u-turn = chuck a yoo-ee
true american = fare dinkam yankee