Socialize to diversify resources

The purpose of socializing is to diversify your access to resources that can replenish and enrich your life. The more people you have on your side, the less likely you will be left wanting for some unfulfilled need and the more likely your family will be able to thrive.

The idea is to gather your own pile of stones, so that people have a reason to socialize with you and so that you have some bargaining power. Eventually if you have enough of these resources – be them people, skills, money, products, entertainment, pleasure – people will come to you. Women have the intrinsic value advantage.

One can think of the people in the world as billions of remote sensors or sentry points collecting information about resources, gathering resources, gathering experiences or knowledge resources that are unique to their vantage point. Billions of life experiments are running as a giant combinatorial experiment to determine the factors to success given changing circumstances, but not in isolation, as each person can trade and communicate with each other to become richer and wiser.

Trade is important because having too much of one resource doesn’t compensate for neglecting other needs. You benefit from the material and knowledge resources shared by the people in your network who have travelled rare life trajectories.