Coordinate teams

  • Healthy teams talk a lot while unhealthy teams do not. Talking is healthy because what might be difficult for one person could be easy for another person. Healthy teams have a positive attitude. [1]
  • A bus is a concept for allocating a team’s time on a project. A person can only be on one bus. Three to four people make a team. At most one person on a team switches projects at any time to ensure continuity. Pairing a senior with a junior is a good combination because the senior can foresee what can go wrong while the junior brings fresh perspective. [1]
  • Standardizing components across multiple tools can simplify maintenance. Removing technical debt frees time that would be otherwise spent in maintenance. Mockups save time. [1]
  • In a meeting, each participant answers, “What have I done today? What will I do tomorrow? What do I need help with?” These are also good questions to ask yourself on a regular basis. [1]
[1](1, 2, 3, 4) Thanks to Luke Stone of Google in Mountain View, CA, USA.